Tell Me Honey…2000 Questions for Couples

Do you really know your partner?

How well do you know your partner? Almost everyone has a side they never reveal. You can transcend boundaries and know the true inner self of your partner. You’ll be able to know about your partner’s hopes, desires, ambitions, romantic inclinations, relationship skills, sexual needs, childhood, work and career priorities, fears, complexes, apprehensions, values, money priorities, family goals, talents & skills, addictions, beliefs & convictions, self image and a lot else that you would probably never have discovered.


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You’ll find these questions useful irrespective of your current situation. If you’re single and looking, many of these questions can help you start and carry an interesting conversation with a potential partner. You’ll be able to know whether you share values, life goals and are on the same wavelength. You’ll begin to see how your partner approaches relationships.

If you’re already in a relationship and want to know your partner better, these questions can help you know more and more about your partner each day. You’ll be able to nurture your relationship and grow together, in every way. Even if you’ve been married for several years, you’re almost certain to discover new aspects to your spouse’s personality with these questions.

If you’re going to invest precious years of your life in a relationship, then this book will prove to be an invaluable tool in knowing whether you’re spending your time on a person who’s ‘right’ for you.

Asking the right questions…

If you’re in a relationship and considering taking it to a new level, ask these questions before you date exclusively or commit and increase the chances of a successful relationship.

If you find it hard to make conversation

Most of these questions are open-ended questions that can be used in social settings. Get the conversation flowing. Be adept at conversation and increase your dating potential!

Here’s what the reviewers say..

I think that the book is geared towards people who are just starting out in their relationships. Some of the questions that were present were some that you should really ask the man/woman you are dating….anyone who’s in a relationship should read this book and ask their significant others these questions. You may just be surprised by the answers that you get.

– Book Ventures Book ClubRead complete review on their official website

This is a fantastic book! It helped me know so much more about my partner than I did! It’s all the questions you would want answers to…but it’s just hard to think of the questions. We had a lot of fun asking each other these questions. Communication breaks down in relationships sooner or later when you run out of conversation. This is the book that will lead to many many evenings of soulful heart-to-heart conversation. You’ll be able to ask questions you would never have earlier..because the answer’s not going to be…’Why’re you asking me that’..this book is a path to the soul of your lover. I’ve got a personal copy I’m never going to sell. I’m not surprised there are never any used copies for sale. I also bought one for my sister on her birthday.

– athena10 on the Barnes & Noble websiteRead complete review on the Barnes and Noble website

Here’s what reviewers on LibraryThing say about the book:

What a find. This is the perfect aid to ensure that you ask all the right questions at the start of a potential relationship that you would otherwise regret not having asked at some stage down the path when things are maybe not going quite so well. Armed with a few select subjects for enquiry you will be well placed to steer the topic of conversation to those area’s that matter most to you and, hopefully, your prospective partner. Not all relationships flourish from the start and nervousness and doubts can play a big part. This book will help you identify those people who come into your life that will add meaning going forward. Life is too short to spend hoping that the person that you have met js in tune with your views and feelings. With the help of the subjects in this book you can be subtle in your exploration of you partners views. All credit to the author for coming up with such a helpful tool. If your initial questions unearth the sorts of answers you were hoping to hear then maybe you could share the book with your partner for them to pick the next topic for discussion.

– Martinh1Read complete review

After 11 years of marriage, I didn’t think there was anything I didn’t know about my husband…but this book proved me wrong. “Tell me Honey” was a delightful conversation book that my husband and I truly enjoyed going through. We laughed and thought about our childhoods and discussed more serious issues that we had never before thought about. I would recommend all couples to look this book over….it’s never too late to find out something new about your partner!

– Master275Read complete review

A good book of questions for people in all stages of a relationship….a lot of the questions were good ones.

– honeydew69862004Read complete review

A great resource for any person involved in any relationship-marriage, dating, friendship, family relationships, you name it! I have been married for six years and was able to find out a lot about my husband based on this book. For instance, I never knew he had never donated blood! Also, some of his answers tickled me to my bones and made me fall in love with him all over!

– AObenhausRead complete review

This book was simply a list of 2000 questions organized by topic. Going through the questions, most I already know of my husband. personally. But, he has always been my best friend. I think the book is a great idea for a couple getting engaged, or a couple in a serious relationship, or even a couple who doesn’t talk that much to open up the lines of communication.

-KikiHowellRead complete review

In his book, ‘Tell Me Honey–2000 Questions for Couples, Author Vikkramm Chandirramani, has prepared 2000 questions that couples should ask each other. I recommend it to Engaged couples and couples about to get married. The author has covered over 78 topics ranging from Movies, Sports, Life, Self-Image, Married Life, Addictions, Love, Sex and ethical questions for couples to ask each other in an attempt to get to know each other on a deeper level. How well do you know your partner? This book will help you form and ask the meaningful questions you need to know to really crack the enigma that is your partner. Each question is a great conversation starter.

TheGoldenPenRead complete review

I think I found my new quiz sheet for any new relationship. Be it romantic or not. Where was this book when I spent endless hours in the chat rooms with people who had nothing to say? Heck I might even share these on facebook as wall posts to get my friends to post something on my comments from time to time. Some of these questions I would NEVER ask at the beginning of any relationship, however, some would be saved as an arsenal and base for a great argument.

SassersRead complete review

‘I was always tongue-tied when talking to women. After exchanging pleasantries the conversation quickly went nowhere. I could never think of anything to say. My pals kept giving me tips. Nothing worked. With this book, I’ve been able to talk to and date women who would get bored of me in minutes earlier. One of them told me she loved talking to me. I couldn’t get girls to return my calls earlier. Now they love my company!

‘It took me ten years and this book to know what my wife loved most about me!’

‘My wife is a traditional Christian lady and it wasn’t until we were ten years into the marriage and asking each other questions from your book that my wife began to open up about what she loved and respected me for. We have shared more in the last two weeks than in our entire ten year marriage so far and it is truly fulfilling’

– Mark (name changed to protect privacy)

This book will help you irrespective of your situation, whether you’re single, in a relationship, married or between relationships. It is a compilation of questions from my diaries and notes, over the years.

I’m so sure of the book that I’m backing it up with a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund every cent of your money anytime within 60 days of your purchase.

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